Baltic Adventures 2 – Tallinn

Generally speaking, Tallinn is usually only on someone’s radar if they are taking a cruise to St Petersburg from Stockholm or Copenhagen and see that Estonia is one stop along the way. And for that same reason the city itself, or at least old town, is full of tourists of that nature, the cruise tourists. I have nothing against them, by the way, and have myself been one, I’m just saying, that makes it crowded with people who have to […]

Baltic Adventures 1 – Helsinki (Again)

When we had some friends visiting who were interested in going to Tallinn, I remembered all the fun of last year’s overnight cruise to Helsinki and recalled that Tallinn as also an option. So after so creative booking, we had a mini Baltic adventure booked that would take us around three countries in a few days. Taking the same boat as last time, we went overnight to Helsinki, enjoying a few drinks and some dancing/performances in the lounge before turning […]

Kungliga Slottet aka All the Tours

Kungliga Slottet in Stockholm is the king’s palace situated on Gamla Stan, where the Swedish royals reside for part of the year. Year round you can witness the changing of the guards, though the length and performance will certainly depend on the weather. And you can also purchase a ticket to see various parts of the castle. With selected guided tours costing an extra 20:- each, you can visit three (and in summer four) different parts of the palace for […]

Seven Hours in Helsinki

Last week I told you about the adventure JS and I took on the “Party Ferry” to Helsinki for the day, but I didn’t get a chance to tell you all about our amazing adventures while spending seven hours in Finland. With limited time, we didn’t get to do a lot of sightseeing or activities, but we did get a good taste of a few foods there. For the most part Helsinki, at least from the ferry dock, isn’t overly grand or […]

Tourist at Home

I have to admit, we haven’t had too many people visit us yet since moving to Sweden, but we’ve definitely had enough to get me playing tourist in my own town. So it’s a good thing that I love all the wonderfully unique museums Stockholm has to offer. People want suggestions? I take them to my top couple that are never a disappointment and then provide the very expansive list of other museums in Stockholm so they can choose something from […]

When Friends Visit

All week you run around mad, playing tourist in your own town or perhaps playing hostess without ever leaving the apartment. You almost never sleep because you’re either out doing things or staying up late chatting, catching up (possibly over a bottle of wine). It’s a venture of a staycation mixed with the hanging out that you may have missed since moving way. It’s a constant adventure of awesome. And then they leave, and it all comes crashing down. In […]

Thanksgiving Abroad

As Canadians our celebration of Thanksgiving is certainly important, with the gathering of the family for the traditional turkey feast, pumpkin pie, and general being together-ness. It’s certainly not on as grand a spectrum as in the USA, and of course the history itself is different (hence the different dates, though the general moving-in-and-taking-over-another-land aspect is pretty similar). And oftentimes we are all so far spread from our families that it is more of a nothing thing or casual thing with […]