Adventures in England 3 – Oxford

Ah, Oxford, one of my favourite places in the world. Full of literary tidbits and treasures for the bibliophile and general book lover alike. From Bath we took the train, transferring at one point, travelling with my parents and their friends from abroad. Some cabbed from Oxford Station to the inn with the luggage while the rest of us walked, though we took the least scenic route to get there. Even so, it was a nice walk and wasn’t long […]

Adventures in England 2 – Bath

Leaving London saw us up very early, before breakfast was even ready, getting a bus to Victoria Station before walking a little bit to Victoria Coach Station (not the same place, fair warning) for a bus to Bath. The bus was delayed twice on the road by sudden accidents or diversions, so three hours was closer to four, but we eventually made it. Getting off at Spa Station, we walked the short jaunt to the water where we were staying […]

Adventures in England 1 – London

“There and back again…”* Nearly four years after my one other time being to England, I returned with Boyface to meet up with my parents, doing a very similar trip to the one I’d done before. But while we were meeting with family and friends, we altered our own itinerary to suit our shorter availability and personal needs. And by that I mean we started in London for a few days, just the two of us, finally getting a much […]

Prague – Playing Tourist

Recently a travel blog I follow recommended a Rick Steves audio tour for a trip, so I got the app (Rick Steves Audio Europe) and decided I would check it out when playing tourist by myself the next time I had a chance. As it happens, the app has a walking tour of Prague and the start point was easy to get to from my hotel, so I started there. Well, I started with a coffee, because it was freezing out […]

Prague – Out on the Town

For a very long time Prague has been high on my visitation wish list. This was not helped by friends who lauded its splendour or books set there that utilized every beautiful feature of the city in the story. It has intense history and fantastic lore tied to it. Last year was going to be the time, finally, and then things didn’t work out. This time is seemed as if things also wouldn’t work out. I was losing hope that […]

North America 2 – Kelowna

You probably haven’t heard of Kelowna if you aren’t from British Columbia. But what do I know, maybe you have. It’s a very popular tourist location, and if I were someone visiting Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley I would love it. Lake, ski mountains, wineries, it is a tourist hotspot! We even have our very own lake monster, Ogopopo (cousin to the Loch Ness monster). But when I lived there it was boring. There was almost nothing to do and […]

North America 1 – Los Angeles

For the first week of our three week adventure in North America we visited my sister in Los Angeles. Recently SAS added the option to fly direct to LA from Stockholm, making it the second city (after San Francisco) on the west coast you can fly direct to. Upon realizing this while figuring out our visit, we decided this was perfect; my sister moved to LA just before we moved to Sweden, so the timing to visit was never right. […]

Hiking the King’s Trail

Way up in the north of Sweden, near Norway and tucked safely away in the Arctic Circle, is Kungsleden, The King’s Trail. Something like a century old, there are only a few main starting points to enter the trail, and once you’re in your only escape is to keep hiking, in or out, or pay for a helicopter to take you back to one of those starting points. The main body of the trail runs north – south and can […]