Lucerne Carnival

Bright and early on a Monday morning we took the train out to Lucerne from Zurich. It was about a 45 minute ride, so we grabbed coffee at a place called Oscar at the train station (with a very friendly man working the till), then boarded for adventure! Our original plan was to meet a free waking tour just outside the station under the archway, then to head to the glacier museum for some learning along with a stroll through […]

Zurich Walking Tours

Sunday in Zurich was going to be a day of exploring. A quick search online (surprisingly quick since you usually have to sift through a few things to find a good one) directed us to¬†Free Walk Zurich. The site offered several different options for free walks around different parts of the city as well as a few paid options such as a pub crawl. We saw that we were able to take two different walks on the same day, so […]

North America 1 – Los Angeles

For the first week of our three week adventure in North America we visited my sister in Los Angeles. Recently SAS added the option to fly direct to LA from Stockholm, making it the second city (after San Francisco) on the west coast you can fly direct to. Upon realizing this while figuring out our visit, we decided this was perfect; my sister moved to LA just before we moved to Sweden, so the timing to visit was never right. […]