The Last Days of New Paris by China Miéville – Review

I will start by saying that if you haven’t read anything by China Miéville before, getting into one of his books can be a bit weird at first. You are often thrown straight into the world and tossed in with the characters with information revealed slowly, and it can be a little confusing. I found this the case with The Last Days of New Paris, as we are dropped into New Paris among manifs and survivors with little background as to who […]

Banned Books Week 2016

That’s right people, it is Banned Books Week from Sept 25 – Oct 1. During this week the ALA (American Library Association) is sharing lists of the most challenged books of the year and opening up the discussion about these books and what exactly was the reasoning behind people wanting these books banned while drawing attention to the harmful effects of censorship. The number one challenged book of last year was Looking for Alaska by John Green, who made a video in response earlier […]

All the Things in April (Already!)

The start of April brings with it lots of new, very exciting things. Primarily it is the start of Camp NaNoWriMo, and as I’ve mentioned before I will be posting my project, Clarke’s Third Law, on Wattpad every week. The first part, sort of like a prologue, went up last week and today I have posted the first official chapter. This is the first part that has been written as past of NaNo, so while I made sure to give it […]

Free Things!

Some shareable things for you all about my various writings! My first book, The Walker in the Dark, is free on Kindle until the end of the week! A stand alone young adult fantasy novel I wrote a few years back, it is there for the taking! So check it out, download it, maybe pop out a little review (winkwink). Additionally, I finally sorted out the Wattpad stuff and you can now read the prologue and first chapter of The […]

Secret Project: Podcast!!

Yes! I can finally tell you all about the latest secret project, the one that isn’t a book but is related to books: a podcast! Myself and a fellow bibliophile/writer, Julianne, will be starting a book club meets podcast where we talk weekly about that month’s pick and other bookish or writerly things (and likely more than a few tangents). We call it Between the Pages! You can check us out on lots of platforms already, and once we get […]

Last Day of Giveaway 2.0

It is the last day to enter the second Goodreads Giveaway for The Cursed Prophecy, so don’t miss out! There is one copy of this great new novel available and it is open to all the countries on Goodreads. In case you haven’t been following along the last few weeks, it is a young to new adult fantasy novel and the first in a new series called The Letonis Born Chronicles. To learn more read the description posted below! The giveaway ends midnight […]

Another Giveaway??

What’s this? Another giveaway for The Cursed Prophecy? Can this be real?? Well, it is! That’s right, another Goodreads Giveaway is up and running for another week. This time it’s one copy, open to all the countries! Or, well, all the countries that are on Goodreads. There are so many, so don’t miss your chance, wherever you have an address, enter to win! Best of luck to everyone in this endeavour 🙂 And in case you missed it, I am also giving away several […]

Dear Book Bloggers: A Call to Arms

Hey reading buddies out there! I am looking for those of you with a book blog, vlog, or whatever else you may use to regularly (inasmuch as you can do so regularly) post reviews of the books you have read. I happen to have a few ePubs of my newest book, The Cursed Prophecy, and would love to gift them to those willing to write an honest review in exchange. It’s a new-adult fantasy novel, the first in a series of […]

It’s The Cursed Prophecy Release Day!

The day is finally here! The Cursed Prophecy is out and available to be read. Woohoo! It is currently available at the CreateSpace store, on, and on Kindle. For those living in other countries it will become available internationally through Amazon, but unfortunately this takes more time to be processed and set up. That being said, even if you do not own an actual Kindle eReader, there are many options to download the app for free which will allow you to […]

One Week to The Cursed Prophecy

It’s one week to go until the release for The Cursed Prophecy and I am equal parts excited and totally anxious! Even though the book has been reviewed and sorted out more times than I can remember, and even though it is in, ready to go, waiting silently for February 15th to come, I keep imagining major problems. Problems that don’t even exist, apparently, as every time I do a search I can’t find what I’m looking for, which means I probably […]