Book & Travel Pairing – Oxford Classics

  I’ll be honest, this is probably one of the easiest pairings to do. Oxford University was home to so many great British writers, either as students or professors, that it’s not hard to find books that come from this great town. Chances are you’ve already read at least one. And while it’s tempting to find some more obscure ones, the classics are just too good to pass over, so maybe next trip I’ll find some new reads. But this […]

Book & Travel Pairing – Fantastical London

Last time I went to England I did a big literary influenced trip, so I found it easier to list literary locations I visited than to pick books for every single place. This time around I am going to actually give you some books. And while London has books aplenty to read when you are visiting, both with settings there or from there, such as Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes, anything featuring James Bond or basically any number of texts you likely read […]

Book & Travel Pairing – England

As a native English speaker, and one who studied English literature at that, reading books that come from England, are set there, or have been written by an English author is not exactly a stretch. Even without meaning to there are plenty that could be read in an English class, a book club, or just as a random selection. And even if you disregard Shakespeare, Lewis, Carroll, Tolkien, the canonical oldies that nearly everyone has had a picking from (plus […]

Book & Travel Pairing – Prague

Instead of a mini diary of how the book set in my travel destination impacted the experience of being there, this is a retrospective of books that I read in the years prior to visiting Prague and my perspective on how these influenced my trip. Prague is a city full of inspiration for many creators. Because of this there are dozens of stories set there, inspired by it, or written by people who come from there. Without even meaning to, […]

Pairing Books with Travel

I love the idea of pairing things. But it’s one thing to pair food with wine, but what food with books, or wine with books? Perhaps more universally loved would be tea with books, searching out the perfect cup with flavours that match the book, be it region, flavour profiles described withing the story, or even the mood. Of course this is easier if the person doing the pair ups has both tasted the drink and read the book, as […]

Blogtober Update 2

I mentioned in yesterday’s posts (Unfocused Thoughts and Drafts) that I have a bunch of draft posts that I really want to get posted but require a whole lot of editing. As I review them this morning I know that the time I would prefer to devote to them may mean they don’t make it into Blogtober, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post them later. And as we approach the end of Blogtober with my mind so full of […]

All Hallow’s Read – My Picks

The All Hallow’s Read website has some great lists of recommendations broken down by various age groups for those like me who have zero experience with children but want to send something at least somewhat appropriate to a niece/nephew/friend’s kid. But what about adults? I personally haven’t read nearly as much horror as I would like, not by a long shot, but even so here are some of the books I will be giving or have considered giving this All Hallow’s Read. Trigger […]

All Hallow’s Read – What is it?

Started a few years back by an inspired idea of Neil Gaiman’s, All Hallow’s Read is a wonderful tradition of gifting someone with a scary book on the week or night of Halloween. The website offers insight into its creation, the concept, and a yearly list of recommendations for books to gift to those in a younger age range. In the first blog post Gaiman suggests we give these books to adults, naming some of his choice authors of the horror genre that […]

Lazy Saturday

So sure, there are about a billion other things that need doing, but the strain of everything caught up to me enough that having the house to myself and the final arrival of a rainy day made for the best excuse to just have a lazy day. I finally got to check one of many books off of my currently reading list after sleeping in, dutifully ignoring all the chores, errands, and other work that I can see to tomorrow. […]

Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded by Hannah Hart – A Review

My experiences with Hannah Hart (aka Harto) have been sporadic and lovely. I didn’t get much into YouTuber channels until after I moved to Sweden, using the constant uploads as a way to remain connected to North America while coping with both loneliness and the inability to adjust to a nine hour time difference. But Hart was one of the few, if not the only individual, that I was already familiar with, the one that helped my breach the virtual wall. […]