Book & Travel Pairing – Prague

Instead of a mini diary of how the book set in my travel destination impacted the experience of being there, this is a retrospective of books that I read in the years prior to visiting Prague and my perspective on how these influenced my trip. Prague is a city full of inspiration for many creators. Because of this there are dozens of stories set there, inspired by it, or written by people who come from there. Without even meaning to, […]

New Things – January 2017

Alright folks, here is my record of new things for January, 2017! Trivia Night: I have always want to do a trivia night, as I am a huge nerd for random facts and information. I attended the game trivia night at EXP Bar in Vancouver (called “There is No Easy Mode”) with a group of friends and it was a blast! Trivia is great, game trivia is better! A Drink with Dry Ice In It: One of the weekly specials […]

Prague – Playing Tourist

Recently a travel blog I follow recommended a Rick Steves audio tour for a trip, so I got the app (Rick Steves Audio Europe) and decided I would check it out when playing tourist by myself the next time I had a chance. As it happens, the app has a walking tour of Prague and the start point was easy to get to from my hotel, so I started there. Well, I started with a coffee, because it was freezing out […]

Prague – Out on the Town

For a very long time Prague has been high on my visitation wish list. This was not helped by friends who lauded its splendour or books set there that utilized every beautiful feature of the city in the story. It has intense history and fantastic lore tied to it. Last year was going to be the time, finally, and then things didn’t work out. This time is seemed as if things also wouldn’t work out. I was losing hope that […]