March Update

So first and foremost I have to express my eternal gratitude to everyone who entered into and shared the Goodreads giveaway I posted for The Cursed Prophecy at the end of February. Being in a much different timezone than the one it operates in, I woke up the last morning with an hour before it closed to an astounding number of entrants. It is always overwhelming to see the amount of interest that readers show in something I’ve worked on. As an […]

Last Day of Giveaway 2.0

It is the last day to enter the second Goodreads Giveaway for The Cursed Prophecy, so don’t miss out! There is one copy of this great new novel available and it is open to all the countries on Goodreads. In case you haven’t been following along the last few weeks, it is a young to new adult fantasy novel and the first in a new series called The Letonis Born Chronicles. To learn more read the description posted below! The giveaway ends midnight […]

February Faves 2016

Coming to you on March 1st because this is a new thing and I maybe kind of forgot I was doing it. Oops! But it’s close enough, so here are a few of my favourite things from February: Critical Role – I know, if you’re a fan you’ll know that I am way behind on this but I finally started watching the show by Geek & Sundry on their Twitch channel, a Dungeons & Dragons campaign show featuring a bunch of very entertaining voice […]

Another Giveaway??

What’s this? Another giveaway for The Cursed Prophecy? Can this be real?? Well, it is! That’s right, another Goodreads Giveaway is up and running for another week. This time it’s one copy, open to all the countries! Or, well, all the countries that are on Goodreads. There are so many, so don’t miss your chance, wherever you have an address, enter to win! Best of luck to everyone in this endeavour 🙂 And in case you missed it, I am also giving away several […]

Dear Book Bloggers: A Call to Arms

Hey reading buddies out there! I am looking for those of you with a book blog, vlog, or whatever else you may use to regularly (inasmuch as you can do so regularly) post reviews of the books you have read. I happen to have a few ePubs of my newest book, The Cursed Prophecy, and would love to gift them to those willing to write an honest review in exchange. It’s a new-adult fantasy novel, the first in a series of […]

It’s The Cursed Prophecy Release Day!

The day is finally here! The Cursed Prophecy is out and available to be read. Woohoo! It is currently available at the CreateSpace store, on, and on Kindle. For those living in other countries it will become available internationally through Amazon, but unfortunately this takes more time to be processed and set up. That being said, even if you do not own an actual Kindle eReader, there are many options to download the app for free which will allow you to […]

One Week to The Cursed Prophecy

It’s one week to go until the release for The Cursed Prophecy and I am equal parts excited and totally anxious! Even though the book has been reviewed and sorted out more times than I can remember, and even though it is in, ready to go, waiting silently for February 15th to come, I keep imagining major problems. Problems that don’t even exist, apparently, as every time I do a search I can’t find what I’m looking for, which means I probably […]

The Cursed Prophecy Playlist

I once talked about how it would be nice to get a soundtrack with a book, knowing lots of authors listen to particular songs while writing certain scenes. And there are some authors that will post on their websites or list in the back of a novel what the playlist was. I love that. I personally have made my playlists for each book, and often certain songs go with certain scenes, though the timing isn’t always perfect. This is partly […]

Giveaway Gratitude and What’s Next

Hej everyone! Now that the Goodreads Giveaway for The Cursed Prophecy is over I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who entered, shared, commented, added the book, or anything else that was done to support this crazy endeavour. It was so encouraging to see all the notifications and number of people interested in my book. I was equally impressed by the widespread locations of the winners, and am pleased to see that something I created could be of interest to people […]