2017 in Retrospect

This last year has been a series of roller coaster rides. There were even some real roller coasters involved. A lot of them. I love roller coasters (Though I could do without the metaphor in daily life, even while appreciating that the ups have to be balanced by the downs. Also, on real roller coasters the dips are sometimes the best part, the sudden sharp drops the most exciting… You know what, it’s a stupid metaphor). But while there were […]

New Things – September 2017

A lot of the trips and things that I did in September were been there, done that things, but there were a few experiences that were totally new! Tallinn, Estonia: As part of a little jaunt around the Baltic Sea, taking all those overnight mini cruises that are available via Silja Tallink Line, we went to Helsinki and then to Tallinn, where we stayed overnight, and it as such a lovely little town. Tie a Bow Tie: Go figure. Boyface […]

New Things – March 2017

March was not a month full of new experiences, and that’s okay. Every once in a while it makes sense to focus in on the daily routines and regular work. What I have been doing, aside from enjoying getting to spend a few weeks at home, is putting some more energy into finessing aspects of my lifestyle for a healthier mind and body. As I’ve said before when it comes to self care, it’s a continuous effort and has been, […]

New Things – February 2017

Once again about half a month late, but better than late than never? I was too busy living the things I was doing and, of course, writing about those individual things. But here it is, the probably not comprehensively list of new things I did or tried or ate or whatever’d in February this year! Visited Switzerland: As well as being a country I’d never visited, I got to go to two different cities in Switzerland, including Zurich (where we did […]

Happy New Year… Ish…

Rather delayed post sending off the mess that was 2016 and welcoming in 2017 with some sort of pomp and circumstance. I spent the holidays visiting friends and family in North America which, following the month off to work on NaNoWriMo and self care, contributed to my brain not wanting to focus on writing. In short, November was an interesting experiment, especially with my novel being surprisingly relevant to my own struggles with self care and therefore a useful tool […]