The Cursed Prophecy

Caitlin Perry Caitlin Perry

Brought up in a powerful magical family, Turner Walker, a young witch whom her professors fear could one day stray to Dark Magic, always pushes the limits of what is acceptable. None but the newest teacher, Todd Abrams, seem to even be willing to give her a chance. Instead of balking at her power and curiosity, Abrams welcomes her into the world of Dark Magic theory, all in order to avoid her power taking absolute control.

But when Turner and her friend Anna unwittingly discover a powerful spell that allows them to travel through time, everything changes. At a risk to altering history, Turner continues to travel back and test her skills, even knowing that she may be pushing too far this time.

When their travels are discovered by the Agency, the all governing entity of the magical world, they must choose between helping in the fight against Dark Magic or live forever under Agency control. To make matters worse, the most powerful practitioner of Dark Magic, Malgandhom, is seeking recruits, and Turner may be at the top of his list.