The Cursed Prophecy

Caitlin Perry Caitlin Perry
The Cursed Prophecy

Kay Doro had always thought she was a little odd, so when the appearance of two strange men in her home reveals she is actually the child of prophecy from a magical alien race called Draconians, she doesn’t question it. The unfortunate mistranslation of an old prophecy leads all to fear her, but now she must use her dangerous powers to help them by taking back a powerful crystal, the Daio Delayta, from the demonic Makiyrs.

Helping her is the young Druid apprentice, Feartos Parinski. On their journey, the two struggle between friendship and disharmony as Feartos hides his own secrets which may prove darker than Kay’s own prophecy. Even so, Kay must learn to trust him as the only friend she has in a hostile world where nearly everyone wants her dead.

But what if years of hiding instead of training means she cannot control her power? And worse, what if the prophecy proves true?

Uncovering a world of magical beings, poisonous demons, and a history steeped in darkness, Kay must risk her life to prove herself to those who condemn her while struggling to stay true to herself in a world that would strike her down.