Prague – Out on the Town

For a very long time Prague has been high on my visitation wish list. This was not helped by friends who lauded its splendour or books set there that utilized every beautiful feature of the city in the story. It has intense history and fantastic lore tied to it. Last year was going to be the time, finally, and then things didn’t work out. This time is seemed as if things also wouldn’t work out. I was losing hope that I would ever make it despite the city’s closeness to Stockholm. It shouldn’t be so hard! Then luck was with me. I made it!

After a two hour flight we landed in Prague; dreams were coming true. We had pre-booked the transfer car to our hotel, which was waiting just as we landed. A quick drive to Hotel Duo, we checked in, washed off the inevitable plane scum, and headed into town to meet some friends. That began a whirlwind evening. Snacks and fancy cocktails at Be Bop Lobby Bar (my Be An Alchemist was super fancy and yummy) with the most amazing service, then to Hemingway Bar for more cocktails. While the atmosphere was very nice, I found the drinks to be only fine, and I couldn’t get a recommendation when I asked for one.¬†In truth both places had drinks that were a little¬†overworked or had a special twist, each being an almost fanciful cocktail bar, but found Be Bop to have the more stellar service while Hemingway was a more interesting place. Neither was a bad place to go, but it was definitely a mixed experience and interesting to see the contrast between the two popular cocktail bars.

A Miss Bobo at Hemingway Bar


And then we went to a five level bar called Karlovy Lazne, nestled on the water with a view of the palace. Each floor was thematic: downstairs an ice bar, then a modern dance bar, and we continued to the oldies bar (the floors beyond that were closed as it was a weeknight). Disco balls and classic rock music, the oldies floor was a good place for a group to chill in a booth with some vodka and move to the dance floor when the song was right. And after all was said and done it was a good time with great people, and enough of a party to last me a while. Or at least until my next trip.

One of the best parts was walking the streets from our friends’ hotel to the various bars, seeing the street art and the night life. The experience at the multiple locations was certainly fun, but going out around town without an agenda proffers great insight into the town itself.

And while night wandering was certainly a more real experience than a tourist expedition as we traversed around downtown, I couldn’t wait for my free days to see all the tourist things I’d been waiting to see for years!

Be An Alchemist at Be Bop Lobby Bar

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