Pairing Books with Travel

I love the idea of pairing things. But it’s one thing to pair food with wine, but what food with books, or wine with books? Perhaps more universally loved would be tea with books, searching out the perfect cup with flavours that match the book, be it region, flavour profiles described withing the story, or even the mood. Of course this is easier if the person doing the pair ups has both tasted the drink and read the book, as with anything.

A somewhat easier pairing is to match books with travel. Having been to Prague I was reminded of all the wonderful books I had read set in or inspired by Prague. And most places have a book that is set there, or at least written by someone from that place. With that realization I was intrigued to see about books set in my next places of intended travel. Having had a reading slump for multiple months now, in fact most all of last year, I have been searching for ways to boost my book count this year. So I am hoping that in addition to my travel posts I will be able to read a book while travelling that is relevant to my location, preferably fiction to see where the inspiration was pulled from, and to write about how being in the place the book is set impacts the reading.

I hope to start with a retrospective on Prague, referencing the books I had read previously and perhaps rereading them, seeing how my perspective has been changed or influenced based on how the city was utilized in the stories. And shipping dates willing, I will be able to start later this month with this little experiment in earnest as I set out for Zurich. Worst case scenario it will be another retrospective if the book doesn’t arrive on time, a potential problem when living somewhere with limited English texts available, especially when the book you want also does not come in eBook format. I prefer paper anyway, it just isn’t quite as convenient in a time crunch.

I am really excited to try this out, and even if it turns out to be only a minor amplifier to the awesomeness of travel, I know that it will help me to continue expanding on my literary experience. I can’t wait to get started, even if it won’t be something that happens often; I only travel a few times a year despite appearances, and my spring and summer are actually looking pretty empty. Even so, it will be a new twist on my overall reading experience and it will be really interesting to see where it leads.


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