North America 1 – Los Angeles

For the first week of our three week adventure in North America we visited my sister in Los Angeles. Recently SAS added the option to fly direct to LA from Stockholm, making it the second city (after San Francisco) on the west coast you can fly direct to. Upon realizing this while figuring out our visit, we decided this was perfect; my sister moved to LA just before we moved to Sweden, so the timing to visit was never right. Finally it was working out!

Ten and a halfish hours on a plane and we were in USA! To summarize the trip would be a shame, since we did so much, but I will try my best. Luckily my sister is a great hostess who knows where all the good eats are, so food was definitely a highlight of the trip. We also squeezed in some very touristy things while she was busy, including a trip to Santa Monica pier, a stop by the romance bookstore in Culver City called the Ripped Bodice, Hollywood, Bel Air, Rodeo Drive, and of course Universal Studios, where she joined us for a brief stop at Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. Yeah, I would say that visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was the best part, after getting to see my sister, and I probably spent too much money on things. I had two butter beers. I also am a roller coaster junkie so we were sure to hit up all the other rides. All of them. We also stopped to browse the shops at the Grove and Abbot Kinney. It was a very busy week but a really good one, and we still got plenty of time to relax before the next two weeks of endless activity.

And as for the food? Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Eveleigh: Great atmospheric place with a variety of delicious dishes to share and very gingery Moscow Mules (which I love).
  • Chin Chin’s: Chinese take out, very yummy with a ton of food, perfect for jet lag or packing nights, especially when you’ve been craving crispy noodle chow mein for literal years.
  • Katana: Upscale sushi with a twist. Pretty fancy but very yummy and with some interesting cocktail choices that I enjoyed.
  • Gjelina: This place is so good you’ll be waiting even with a reservation, but it is well worth it. Drinks, food, atmosphere, and the people were all top notch!
  • Urth Caffe: The way this place works is a little weird (order frist, then find your seat) and it was very busy, but the food was good, coffee was good, and the pies are super good. Also, lots of vegan options if you are so inclined.

We ate at a few other places between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but there’s just a few to share. You probably see a trend, and frankly I don’t think I ate anything that was disappointing. The whole week itself was excellent and while I am not a fan of heat, let alone in winter, it was a nice mini vacation and visit, and much needed.


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