New Things – September 2017


A lot of the trips and things that I did in September were been there, done that things, but there were a few experiences that were totally new!

  • Tallinn, Estonia: As part of a little jaunt around the Baltic Sea, taking all those overnight mini cruises that are available via Silja Tallink Line, we went to Helsinki and then to Tallinn, where we stayed overnight, and it as such a lovely little town.
  • Tie a Bow Tie: Go figure. Boyface wanted a real bow tie for an event, not the more common clip-ons that everyone sells now, so I learned to tie that thing up in a nice little bow. He was better.
  • Run of an Amusement Park: Boyface’s company celebrated a big anniversary by renting out the local amusement park for employees and their families. We had three hours of endless rides, and I had the time of my life. I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS! And getting to ride the wooden one three times (twice in a row once) was a blast.
  • Spicy Coffee: While in Tallinn we went to a small chain of cafes called Caffeine and just had to sample the spicy mochaccino and spicy chai. The chai was just more chai, but the coffee packed a delicious kick that I had to have again.
  • Terraforming Mars: This board game is daunting upon initial perusal and even playing first time there seems like too many mechanics, but by the end it actually made pretty good sense and now I know a second play through would be relatively easy, and it definitely had some interesting combined competitive and cooperative mechanics. Check out info¬†here.

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