New Things – May 2017

For the first time ever, coming to you in a timely manner! Some new things I did/tried in the month of May!

  • Overcooked!: This game has been out a little while but after a few videos of it Boyface decided he needed it. Granted, as a one player game it is stressful and feels nearly impossible, so we got a second controller and engaged in two player mode. So much fun and many fits of laughter were had.
  • Day Trip to Uppsala: I have technically been to Uppsala once before, but only for a dinner that was right near the station and then back home. This month I got to go up with a friend and have lunch, fika, and take a nice walk around the city. It’s a small university town with a fantastic old church and a rived down the city middle reminiscent of Amsterdam. I already want to do back.
  • Overnight in Visby: Visby on the island of Gotland is an UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is probably the best preserved medieval town in Scandinavia. It is also a great summer destination and super cute! Tons of old ruins of cathedrals and a vast city wall remind you of older times while the city itself has hints of the past behind cafes and B&Bs.

I guess May was the month of local travel, and it was awesome! So great to finally start seeing more of this wonderful country I now call home with a great friend I made here. Prior to this I had only gone all the way north to the Arctic circle, it’s own kind of wonderful, so getting to see more of what’s nearer Stockholm was a treat. I really love this country.

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