New Things – June 2017

Didn’t get up to much in the month of June apparently, but there were a couple of things I tried out for the first time.

  • Hiking in the Nacka Reserve: We were invited along on a little group outing this month to hike for several hours in the south of Stockholm County, through the Nacka Reserve. I didn’t know anyone, but they were all really nice people and it was a great time. And the area has a lot of different paths and lakes and views, so you could easily hike it multiple times and each time see something new.
  • Temporary hair colour: Every few years I get the need to dye my hair some wacky colour, and every time I am reminded that my hair repels colour. Even so, applying enough of the “turquoise” to my hair for long enough and there was definitely a visible blue in certain lights.
  • Frying halloumi: It’s that simple. Quick, easy, delicious. Fried halloumi. Yum.

Not an overly exciting month, but also the month of ease I probably needed. And now I know a great place just out of town to go for a quick day hike.

Nacka Reserve

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