New Things – July 2017

I did a weird array of new things in July. I was left to my own devices for most of the month, and the few days I wasn’t flying solo at home I was playing hostess/tour guide, so the mix of things probably makes sense now that I think about it.

  • Day Trip to Birka: Called Sweden’s first city, the foundations still intact from the Viking Era, this little UNESCO Heritage Site is gorgeous!
  • Learned to Crochet: So in a manner that is truly Caitlin, I needed a dice bag and I couldn’t find one that I liked, and so I looked up patterns to knit one but they were boring. But they did have patterns for dice bags like dragon eggs, but crocheted, which I didn’t know how to do. So this month I learned to crochet so I could make myself a dice bag I liked.
  • The Wolf Among Us: Apparently this is my year for gaming. I know this game is older, but I never got around to playing it, and I found it super cheap for XBOne one day, so I had to buy it of course. And then spend the weekend gushing, yet again (I do read FABLES), over how badly I ship Bigby and Snow but also just crush on Bigby Wolf so much. And this is the style of story-telling/choose your story games I love.
  • Undercut Hairstyle: I have a ton of hair that I am not attached to. And it is thick, and this summer has been really hot, so I just up and shaved a ton off. Really liking it so far!
  • Aeropressed Coffee: Boyface’s brother had an aeropress he wanted to test out, so he kindly allowed me to be one of the test subjects. Pretty cool and yummy way to make one cup. But when do I only drink one cup? Like a French Press it provides better flavour, but less quantity.
  • TAK: With just a few of my favourite ladies I spent a night of after work drinks at TAK, a rooftop bar and restaurant pretty central in Stockholm, with a great view of the whole city. It was a lovely night.
  • Unfair: A board game where you build an amusement park, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.. I naturally had the most insane roller coaster and that was most of my park. Really fun and interesting.

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