New Things – February 2017

Once again about half a month late, but better than late than never? I was too busy living the things I was doing and, of course, writing about those individual things. But here it is, the probably not comprehensively list of new things I did or tried or ate or whatever’d in February this year!

  • Visited Switzerland: As well as being a country I’d never visited, I got to go to two different cities in Switzerland, including Zurich (where we did some walking tours and such) and Lucerne (where I also had my first real Carnival!)
  • Visited LiechtensteinYes, of all the randomly wonderful countries you could visit, we detoured from Zurich to Liechtenstein for a night and got to do a ton of great things. I was a great trip.
  • Carnival/Mardi Gras: As mentioned above, we happened upon Carnival while in Lucerne and Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) while in Liechtenstein. Conveniently wonderful timing and a real treat. Click on the links above for more info on these festivities and other new things done in those places!
  • Lost Luggage: Not a great thing, and something I’d rather not have tried, but when you consider I travel more than the average person it’s surprising to realize this was the first time ever my bag had been lost by an airline (granted, I generally fly carry-on). My travel experience getting to and from Zurich was endlessly frustrating and full of new experiences, with more to come as I deal with the fall out. Possible post to come?
  • InCoWriMo: aka International Correspondence Writing Month. I was excited to try this out as someone who loves writing and receiving letters, but sadly I did not send a letter every day. Aspects of life, as well as a week long trip, intervened with this goal, but I’m hoping next year, now knowing about it well ahead of time, I will be better prepared to do it.
  • Book & Travel Pairings: Trying something new, partly to force myself to make more time for reading and to learn more about a place I’m visiting. I started out with my first couple of pairings ever (Prague and EnglandEngland) and hope to continue in the future.

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