Lazy Saturday

So sure, there are about a billion other things that need doing, but the strain of everything caught up to me enough that having the house to myself and the final arrival of a rainy day made for the best excuse to just have a lazy day. I finally got to check one of many books off of my currently reading list after sleeping in, dutifully ignoring all the chores, errands, and other work that I can see to tomorrow. I sipped hot drinks, ate comfort snacks, and cuddled up with the cat as I listened to the light rain tapping on the windows and sank into the sweet luxury of allowing myself to have a day to just do nothing. Because sometimes you need to just take a day off from life, at least as much as you can, to recharge and feel a little more like yourself again. Read, watch tv, maybe jot a few things in a journal, but only if you feel like it. Whatever feels right, even if it’s doing nothing at all. The prefect lazy day!

Reading This Savage Song by VE Schwab, journaling, and sipping coffee!

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