Happy New Year… Ish…

Rather delayed post sending off the mess that was 2016 and welcoming in 2017 with some sort of pomp and circumstance. I spent the holidays visiting friends and family in North America which, following the month off to work on NaNoWriMo and self care, contributed to my brain not wanting to focus on writing. In short, November was an interesting experiment, especially with my novel being surprisingly relevant to my own struggles with self care and therefore a useful tool in its own right. It was a surprising experience, and the novel is nowhere near done, and I came out with a better understanding of myself. I look forward to finishing the first draft soon.

North America was sort of chaotic. Three different cities in three weeks, and most of the time spent figuring out visitations (though the first stop, LA, was just with my sister and that was so much less stressful). I’ll hopefully get individual posts up in the immediate future to elaborate on each experience, as they were all very different, and I was surprised by how homesick I got… for Stockholm. As much fun as it was and how happy I was to see everybody, and even with how hard it was to leave, I was so glad to finally be home. I also really missed Sheriff.

And while the year started off with a fantastic 90’s themed party in Vancouver and I spent the first week of it in Canada, both being there and coming home for the first week was… weird. I tend to find myself a constant victim of Murphy’s Law (which I have dubbed Murphy’s Curse) and so to have so many things go well for me, and so easily, was almost troubling. Everything from personal interactions (including ones that could have been explosive), scheduling conflicts, and even a potential meal problem on the flight worked out almost too well. Granted I found myself hit massively with a cold upon returning home, which is a real treat when combined with jet lag, but that’s hardly an appropriate opposition to how well things were going. So for now I will just knock on wood a bunch of times and be sure to look both ways before I cross the street.

Other things on my mind as we proceed through the beginning of this year are all the things to be done. From trips, visits, overhauls, appointments, continued self care, and further work progress (not to mention all those writing projects), it looks to be a year full of activity and its own brand of chaos as things have already changed a lot just in the first week and a half. I’m excited to see what else it brings (even if I’m approaching with caution).

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