Free Things!

Some shareable things for you all about my various writings!

My first book, The Walker in the Dark, is free on Kindle until the end of the week! A stand alone young adult fantasy novel I wrote a few years back, it is there for the taking! So check it out, download it, maybe pop out a little review (winkwink).

Additionally, I finally sorted out the Wattpad stuff and you can now read the prologue and first chapter of The Cursed Prophecy. I’ve shared them out there if you want to take a look and get a taste of the goodness of the book itself.

It’s kind of perfect timing for Camp NaNoWriMo because the project I’m working on will be shared on Wattpad as instalments. It’s a scifi/fantasy crossover story, to be written in a series of reports and I will release one report each week. So be sure to follow me on Wattpad to keep up with that project. I’m very excited about where it could go, and it is sure to get very interesting. I will be sure to let you know when the first part is ready to go (probably about a week into April).

And there may be even more stuff coming shortly, depending on how all of this goes, plus those side projects I mentioned before. See, I like to keep busy. I do all the things! So go check a few of them out.

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