New Things – September 2017

A lot of the trips and things that I did in September were been there, done that things, but there were a few experiences that were totally new! Tallinn, Estonia: As part of a little jaunt around the Baltic Sea, taking all those overnight mini cruises that are available via Silja Tallink Line, we went to Helsinki and then to Tallinn, where we stayed overnight, and it as such a lovely little town. Tie a Bow Tie: Go figure. Boyface […]

Paris On A Whim

My lovely sister found herself on a work trip in Europe and decided to take a weekend in Paris, so naturally I found a last minute cheap flight and hopped along over to join her. My flights were through Helsinki, which feels annoying as you fly back over Sweden to get to Paris from there, and the flight from Stockholm to Helsinki is less than an hour. Luckily my connection times, including a bunch of little delays on the way […]

Baltic Adventures 2 – Tallinn

Generally speaking, Tallinn is usually only on someone’s radar if they are taking a cruise to St Petersburg from Stockholm or Copenhagen and see that Estonia is one stop along the way. And for that same reason the city itself, or at least old town, is full of tourists of that nature, the cruise tourists. I have nothing against them, by the way, and have myself been one, I’m just saying, that makes it crowded with people who have to […]

Baltic Adventures 1 – Helsinki (Again)

When we had some friends visiting who were interested in going to Tallinn, I remembered all the fun of last year’s overnight cruise to Helsinki and recalled that Tallinn as also an option. So after so creative booking, we had a mini Baltic adventure booked that would take us around three countries in a few days. Taking the same boat as last time, we went overnight to Helsinki, enjoying a few drinks and some dancing/performances in the lounge before turning […]

Kungliga Slottet aka All the Tours

Kungliga Slottet in Stockholm is the king’s palace situated on Gamla Stan, where the Swedish royals reside for part of the year. Year round you can witness the changing of the guards, though the length and performance will certainly depend on the weather. And you can also purchase a ticket to see various parts of the castle. With selected guided tours costing an extra 20:- each, you can visit three (and in summer four) different parts of the palace for […]

New Things – August 2017

I have company, so let’s keep this short and sweet. And strangely diverse. Here are some new things I did in August: Solo weight training: For me this was a huge accomplishment. Boyface and I have done weight training/lifting on and off for the last year and a half or so, but I was always too afraid to do it without him. But while he was away this month, I did it (safely) and felt so accomplished after. Game Streaming: […]

What Have I Been Doing?

I can’t remember the last time I did a real stream of consciousness type post. The last couple of years these have all been pretty thematic and structured, but life has been so chaotic and random of late that structure is hard to find. And I feel a little bad about not posting much in the last few months, even though things are happening besides what I have managed to post. So many books are in the works and at […]

Birka – Sweden’s “First City”

Earlier this month Boyface’s brother was visiting, his first trip across the pond, and after a couple of weeks venturing Eastern Europe they returned to Stockholm where we had some Swedish fun times. Aside from the mandatory (to me at least) visit to the Vasamuseet and some other wanderings, we decided to finally make the day trip to the viking village of Birka. All I knew was that it was recently uncovered, was a two hour boat ride from Stockholm […]

New Things – May 2017

For the first time ever, coming to you in a timely manner! Some new things I did/tried in the month of May! Overcooked!: This game has been out a little while but after a few videos of it Boyface decided he needed it. Granted, as a one player game it is stressful and feels nearly impossible, so we got a second controller and engaged in two player mode. So much fun and many fits of laughter were had. Day Trip […]

Visby – A Medieval Treasure

Visby is a small town on the island of Gotland that you can reach by either plane or by taking a ferry from NynĂ€shamn. The terminal is an hour south of Stockholm by pendaltĂ„g or flybussen, and the ferry itself is about three and a half hours before docking right at Visby. While you can drive on the ferry most seemed to walk on, and the tickets range from basic (which allows you to sit just anywhere in cafeteria area) […]