Adventures in England 3 – Oxford

Ah, Oxford, one of my favourite places in the world. Full of literary tidbits and treasures for the bibliophile and general book lover alike. From Bath we took the train, transferring at one point, travelling with my parents and their friends from abroad. Some cabbed from Oxford Station to the inn with the luggage while the rest of us walked, though we took the least scenic route to get there. Even so, it was a nice walk and wasn’t long […]

Adventures in England 2 – Bath

Leaving London saw us up very early, before breakfast was even ready, getting a bus to Victoria Station before walking a little bit to Victoria Coach Station (not the same place, fair warning) for a bus to Bath. The bus was delayed twice on the road by sudden accidents or diversions, so three hours was closer to four, but we eventually made it. Getting off at Spa Station, we walked the short jaunt to the water where we were staying […]

Adventures in England 1 – London

“There and back again…”* Nearly four years after my one other time being to England, I returned with Boyface to meet up with my parents, doing a very similar trip to the one I’d done before. But while we were meeting with family and friends, we altered our own itinerary to suit our shorter availability and personal needs. And by that I mean we started in London for a few days, just the two of us, finally getting a much […]

A Weekend in Warsaw

Our weekend in Warsaw was brief and a bit unexpected. We just so happened to be there for Independence Day, and given the nature of how it is celebrated there our plans altered a little bit to avoid some of the craziness. On the Thursday we arrived, after cabbing into downtown and then walking to our hotel,  we chilled in our room and the bar, getting in late enough to not warrant the long journey back into town (it was […]

2017 in Retrospect

This last year has been a series of roller coaster rides. There were even some real roller coasters involved. A lot of them. I love roller coasters (Though I could do without the metaphor in daily life, even while appreciating that the ups have to be balanced by the downs. Also, on real roller coasters the dips are sometimes the best part, the sudden sharp drops the most exciting… You know what, it’s a stupid metaphor). But while there were […]

Capers & Coasters in Copenhagen

After the cancellation of yet another major trip (so many plans keep falling apart this year) I realized that at that same time my friend Zen on a Plane was going to be in the area, so I messaged her and a plan was hatched! She flew into Stockholm on Thursday and after some necessary wandering, including to the vegan bakery to stock up on supplies, we took the train to Copenhagen on Friday morning. From Stockholm Central to Copenhagen […]

Blogtober 24.17 – Oops?

This month has definitely gotten away from me. With so much book stuff to focus on combined with a bad cold (I swear, I never used to get sick so often…) and just general things popping up, it’s been hard to find time to blog. And when I’ve made time somehow, I just haven’t had the mental energy. So Blogtober has slipped away from me. And that’s okay. Things happen, life happens, and sometimes you just have to prioritize things. […]

Blogtober 9.17 – Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year again, at least in Canada. And while I don’t have my mum’s pumpkin chiffon pie to eat while contemplating this list, I can still be thankful for so many other things: My family, Boyface, Sheriff, all those that support and love me. Though it does feel some times like Sheriff loves me a little too much… That or my face just makes a very good pillow. My friends, old and new, especially those who have […]

Blogtober 3.17 – Newsletter

Today is simple (and a little self-serving, I admit): I have finally organized that mailing list of newslettering that was set up ages ago. In general I am planning on doing a monthly round up and upcoming announcements at the start of each month, but it will also include any random announcements and events that may pop up at any time! I do promise not to swarm you with endless emails because I am a big planner type person and […]

Blogtober 1.17 – At it Again

A post a day for a whole month. I’ve managed it before, once I accepted that it was okay to just post some short things some days. So long as it was something. And this month I may lean more into the stream of consciousness stuff, whatever that ends up meaning. Truth be told I don’t have a whole lot planned this time around, but I do have a book to get out, so that would take precedent if time […]