Blogtober Update 2

I mentioned in yesterday’s posts (Unfocused Thoughts and Drafts) that I have a bunch of draft posts that I really want to get posted but require a whole lot of editing. As I review them this morning I know that the time I would prefer to devote to them may mean they don’t make it into Blogtober, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post them later. And as we approach the end of Blogtober with my mind so full of random ideas, I can’t believe we may just make it! I mean, I’ve done a whole month before, but the pressure of Blogtober itself plus something about this time of year always broke me down.

Now I am feeling energized and ready for NaNoWriMo, with my story timeline fully fleshed out and ready to go, the characters firmly fixed in mind (though I still need to stock up on candy for the midnight start as well as make any kind of writing dates). I am currently building a plan for my own self-care going into the next month. I’ve already started on many of my goals, since self-care shouldn’t wait, and am both excited and terrified to see what happens. I’m also really working to make time to get in some reading, especially since All Hallow’s Read means I may just have a few new books in my mailbox any day now. All in all, lots going on heading out of the month and into NaNo that could make for an interesting end to the year (only two months left!).

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