Blogtober 9.17 – Giving Thanks

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It’s that time of year again, at least in Canada. And while I don’t have my mum’s pumpkin chiffon pie to eat while contemplating this list, I can still be thankful for so many other things:

  • My family, Boyface, Sheriff, all those that support and love me. Though it does feel some times like Sheriff loves me a little too much… That or my face just makes a very good pillow.
  • My friends, old and new, especially those who have been supporting me and encouraging me throughout the last year or so. I’ve had a lot of lows and personal struggles, so having you there has been a real life saver.
  • Critical Role – I know there are a lot of haters out there for this show, or those that simply find it weird, but for me it has been a lifeline akin to a good book or another form of escapism where I can connect with characters and community, and know that however my week goes, come Thursday (or Friday morning in my case) there is something I can depend on to make it all better.
  • Coffee, my eternal life force.

And of course the obvious things like my health and the opportunities I have that so many others are denied in this world, and that so many I know have the same good fortune. It may seem a short list otherwise, but it’s surprisingly hard to put into adequate words one’s sense of gratitude. I am thankful for everything, and for every one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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