Blogtober 24.17 – Oops?

This month has definitely gotten away from me. With so much book stuff to focus on combined with a bad cold (I swear, I never used to get sick so often…) and just general things popping up, it’s been hard to find time to blog. And when I’ve made time somehow, I just haven’t had the mental energy.

So Blogtober has slipped away from me. And that’s okay. Things happen, life happens, and sometimes you just have to prioritize things. Sometimes those things include your own well being, and that is certainly not my strength, taking care of myself. Self care and general health… Those get pushed to the bottom of the list far too often.

And through it all, plans being made and changed and cancelled, plans of my own and plans of others. It’s a bit chaotic and stressful, and just another thing that demands attention. It actually feels like this month has been intentionally contrary or something, going out of its way to be difficult.

There is still the fantasy that I could finish out the month, maybe go back and fill in all those empty days, but that’s a lot of work that I just don’t have time for anymore. Even so, who knows? And if it doesn’t happen, I’m not too worried about it; at least I tried. But for now back to all the other things calling out for my attention, and preparations for another quick weekend trip to another country. That, at least, I will be sure to tell you about.

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