Blogtober 1.17 – At it Again


A post a day for a whole month. I’ve managed it before, once I accepted that it was okay to just post some short things some days. So long as it was something. And this month I may lean more into the stream of consciousness stuff, whatever that ends up meaning.

Truth be told I don’t have a whole lot planned this time around, but I do have a book to get out, so that would take precedent if time becomes a problem. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go back and fill in the gaps, right? I do, however, find the concept of getting back into regular posting to be desirable, seeing as things have been pretty scarce the last few months, or even this year. It was a lot of getting my life and health sorted out.

So while I am still working on those kinds of things, I also have a lot of projects on the go, or at least it feels like it. So maybe you’ll be hearing about all those in the upcoming month. I will gladly take suggestions, if there’s anything in particular anyone wants to hear about along these lines. So a typical month of craziness all over the place.

Alright then, Blogtober 2017! Let’s this!

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