New Things – July 2017

I did a weird array of new things in July. I was left to my own devices for most of the month, and the few days I wasn’t flying solo at home I was playing hostess/tour guide, so the mix of things probably makes sense now that I think about it. Day Trip to Birka: Called Sweden’s first city, the foundations still intact from the Viking Era, this little UNESCO Heritage Site is gorgeous! Learned to Crochet: So in a […]

New Things – June 2017

Didn’t get up to much in the month of June apparently, but there were a couple of things I tried out for the first time. Hiking in the Nacka Reserve: We were invited along on a little group outing this month to hike for several hours in the south of Stockholm County, through the Nacka Reserve. I didn’t know anyone, but they were all really nice people and it was a great time. And the area has a lot of […]

Birka – Sweden’s “First City”

Earlier this month Boyface’s brother was visiting, his first trip across the pond, and after a couple of weeks venturing Eastern Europe they returned to Stockholm where we had some Swedish fun times. Aside from the mandatory (to me at least) visit to the Vasamuseet and some other wanderings, we decided to finally make the day trip to the viking village of Birka. All I knew was that it was recently uncovered, was a two hour boat ride from Stockholm […]

New Things – May 2017

For the first time ever, coming to you in a timely manner! Some new things I did/tried in the month of May! Overcooked!: This game has been out a little while but after a few videos of it Boyface decided he needed it. Granted, as a one player game it is stressful and feels nearly impossible, so we got a second controller and engaged in two player mode. So much fun and many fits of laughter were had. Day Trip […]

Visby – A Medieval Treasure

Visby is a small town on the island of Gotland that you can reach by either plane or by taking a ferry from Nynäshamn. The terminal is an hour south of Stockholm by pendaltåg or flybussen, and the ferry itself is about three and a half hours before docking right at Visby. While you can drive on the ferry most seemed to walk on, and the tickets range from basic (which allows you to sit just anywhere in cafeteria area) […]

Uppsala for a Day

Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend to Uppsala for the day. The small university town is not that far north of Stockholm, just a bit beyond Arlanda airport, and I even know quite a few people who commute up that way for work. I’ve been there only once before for a dinner, and the pouring rain meant I didn’t get much of a chance to see the town before dinner happened and then we headed straight […]

New Things – April 2017

Weirdly April was less about general experiences and more about new games, it would seem. So yeah, I’m a gamer, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet. Console, tabletop, doesn’t matter, I like games. If there’s a story in it, all the better. So here are new games and things from April: Mass Effect: Andromeda: I love BioWare and am obsessed with all the Dragon Age games, but I never really got into Mass Effect. I tried to start […]

New Things – March 2017

March was not a month full of new experiences, and that’s okay. Every once in a while it makes sense to focus in on the daily routines and regular work. What I have been doing, aside from enjoying getting to spend a few weeks at home, is putting some more energy into finessing aspects of my lifestyle for a healthier mind and body. As I’ve said before when it comes to self care, it’s a continuous effort and has been, […]

Lakritsfestivalen – Our Annual Tradition

Every year since moving to Sweden we have attended the annual Lakritsfestivalen (Licorice Festival) held in Globen’s Annex in Stockholm. Boyface has always loved licorice, but like most North Americans I’ve found it to be disgusting, or did until my exposure grew in visiting Sweden and then moving here. Licorice, real black licorice and not the fake red stuff, is the number one candy in Sweden and most of Scandinavia. And this is a region that really likes its candy. […]

New Things – February 2017

Once again about half a month late, but better than late than never? I was too busy living the things I was doing and, of course, writing about those individual things. But here it is, the probably not comprehensively list of new things I did or tried or ate or whatever’d in February this year! Visited Switzerland: As well as being a country I’d never visited, I got to go to two different cities in Switzerland, including Zurich (where we did […]