Banned Books Week 2016

That’s right people, it is Banned Books Week from Sept 25 – Oct 1. During this week the ALA (American Library Association) is sharing lists of the most challenged books of the year and opening up the discussion about these books and what exactly was the reasoning behind people wanting these books banned while drawing attention to the harmful effects of censorship. The number one challenged book of last year was Looking for Alaska by John Green, who made a video in response earlier this year, while many of the others are written by authors of diversity covering subjects of religion and LGBTQ views or experiences. I personally find it interesting that the Bible has made it onto the list for 2015, challenged for expressing a religious viewpoint.

It is truly incredible to see the ALA bringing together the literary community to open the discussion regarding censorship. You can find out more on their website regarding the events that may be hosted in your area, as well as find the resources to report a challenge to the OIF (Office for Intellectual Freedom) and other ways to spread the word about Banned Books Week. Granted, this is an american resource and the books in question are challenged in the USA. Even so, it should be an international effort to keep the dialogue open regarding banned or challenged books and laws of censorship.

So open up that list and pick something “provocative” to read this week. I think I’ll pick something off the list of Banned and Challenged Classics while also making it into a shelf on my Goodreads page. What will you be reading this week?

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