Blogtober 9.17 – Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year again, at least in Canada. And while I don’t have my mum’s pumpkin chiffon pie to eat while contemplating this list, I can still be thankful for so many other things: My family, Boyface, Sheriff, all those that support and love me. Though it does feel some times like Sheriff loves me a little too much… That or my face just makes a very good pillow. My friends, old and new, especially those who have […]

Blogtober 5.17 – Autumn Checklist

Taking way too many pictures of the leaves changing colours Immediately wearing scarves, toques, and boots outside Slippers all around the house Cuddling under the fuzzy blanket with tea/cocoa while it rains Baking apple crisp Candles everywhere Pumpkin spice lattes Opening the window at night so I can smell chimney smoke An overly ambitious knitting project Watching every Halloween type movie I can National Novel Writing Month …to name a few!

Blogtober 4.17 – Kanelbullensdag

A most glorious day, Kanelbullensdag, aka Cinnamon Roll Day! Not a “holiday” as some people seem to think, but a day of delicious celebration, when the company brings in trays of kanelbullar and the bakeries have great deals or the grocery stores have mountains and mountains of bullar around every corner. It is the epitome of Swedish fika culture, when your coffee and pastry is most easily obtained at every food source! Even as I write I am enjoying a fresh […]

Blogtober 3.17 – Newsletter

Today is simple (and a little self-serving, I admit): I have finally organized that mailing list of newslettering that was set up ages ago. In general I am planning on doing a monthly round up and upcoming announcements at the start of each month, but it will also include any random announcements and events that may pop up at any time! I do promise not to swarm you with endless emails because I am a big planner type person and […]

Blogtober 2.17 – Free Books!

This week only, my previously published books are free on Kindle, so I am forgoing a regular blog post to get you those links! Check them out, get them while you can, and share it around! The Cursed Prophecy – Kay Doro had always thought she was a little odd, so when the appearance of two strange men in her home reveals she is actually the child of prophecy from a magical alien race called Draconians, she doesn’t question it. The […]

Blogtober 1.17 – At it Again

A post a day for a whole month. I’ve managed it before, once I accepted that it was okay to just post some short things some days. So long as it was something. And this month I may lean more into the stream of consciousness stuff, whatever that ends up meaning. Truth be told I don’t have a whole lot planned this time around, but I do have a book to get out, so that would take precedent if time […]

New Things – September 2017

A lot of the trips and things that I did in September were been there, done that things, but there were a few experiences that were totally new! Tallinn, Estonia: As part of a little jaunt around the Baltic Sea, taking all those overnight mini cruises that are available via Silja Tallink Line, we went to Helsinki and then to Tallinn, where we stayed overnight, and it as such a lovely little town. Tie a Bow Tie: Go figure. Boyface […]

Paris On A Whim

My lovely sister found herself on a work trip in Europe and decided to take a weekend in Paris, so naturally I found a last minute cheap flight and hopped along over to join her. My flights were through Helsinki, which feels annoying as you fly back over Sweden to get to Paris from there, and the flight from Stockholm to Helsinki is less than an hour. Luckily my connection times, including a bunch of little delays on the way […]

Baltic Adventures 2 – Tallinn

Generally speaking, Tallinn is usually only on someone’s radar if they are taking a cruise to St Petersburg from Stockholm or Copenhagen and see that Estonia is one stop along the way. And for that same reason the city itself, or at least old town, is full of tourists of that nature, the cruise tourists. I have nothing against them, by the way, and have myself been one, I’m just saying, that makes it crowded with people who have to […]

Baltic Adventures 1 – Helsinki (Again)

When we had some friends visiting who were interested in going to Tallinn, I remembered all the fun of last year’s overnight cruise to Helsinki and recalled that Tallinn as also an option. So after so creative booking, we had a mini Baltic adventure booked that would take us around three countries in a few days. Taking the same boat as last time, we went overnight to Helsinki, enjoying a few drinks and some dancing/performances in the lounge before turning […]