All Hallow’s Read – What is it?

Started a few years back by an inspired idea of Neil Gaiman’s, All Hallow’s Read is a wonderful tradition of gifting someone with a scary book on the week or night of Halloween. The website offers insight into its creation, the concept, and a yearly list of recommendations for books to gift to those in a younger age range.

In the first blog post Gaiman suggests we give these books to adults, naming some of his choice authors of the horror genre that he would like to have passed around. However, the tradition has almost grown into a literary trick-or-treat as the main recipients I’ve heard about are usually children or teens. While I’d personally love to have some new horror books myself (who wouldn’t) and am definitely an adult, I love the idea of introducing a much younger audience to the scarier side of fiction. For some it could be what draws them to reading. For others, an as of yet undiscovered genre that could spur their own imaginations to create!

The general idea behind the exchange was that there didn’t seem to be enough traditions that encouraged the sharing or exchange of books. And I agree! So why not participate in one of the few, perhaps think of a way to create more while at it, and give at least one person in your life something spooky to enjoy. Especially since this year Halloween falls on a Monday, so let them read it over the weekend and get in the monster mood! Encourage the spread of literary love and maybe introduce someone to something new as an added bonus. Give a scary book to someone this week.

Happy All Hallow’s Read!

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