A Record of New Things


I will begin by prefacing that in general my “resolution” for the new year is to try something new during the year. Do something I haven’t done before, go somewhere I haven’t been, eat something I’ve never tried… It doesn’t matter what it is. I started a couple of years ago to strive for this goal in order to broaden my horizons, perhaps learn something new about myself. It’s a revised version of the idea that you should do something every day that scares you, perhaps a little more practical, and while some of these things may scare me, some excite me, and some I have barely enough time to develop a feeling about before I’ve tried them. Additionally it works like a strange version of a bucket list, one created after the things are done instead as a list of things to be done, though I have my own bucket list that works as a reference for these activities as well. Perhaps things to do in cities I want to visit or activities I would like to try, but also things that I hadn’t considered doing before, things that sneak up on me or opportunities I’d never imagined would open up.

I will say that living in Europe has certainly helped with this goal, especially in the first year when I visited tons of new countries, experienced many new customs, and even learned a new language. But what I’m not good at is keeping track of these things, at reflecting on how I felt about them or if I’d discovered something new about myself. So my goal this year is to do a small write up at the end of every month highlighting any new things I may have done and the impact these things had on me or my life. Of course I use “end of the month” loosely because sometimes I may need time to process, perhaps have other things to post about first, or maybe I’ll just be busy. But I will do my best. And I am really excited to see what comes of it.

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