2017 in Retrospect

This last year has been a series of roller coaster rides. There were even some real roller coasters involved. A lot of them. I love roller coasters (Though I could do without the metaphor in daily life, even while appreciating that the ups have to be balanced by the downs. Also, on real roller coasters the dips are sometimes the best part, the sudden sharp drops the most exciting… You know what, it’s a stupid metaphor).

But while there were certainly some low points, as most people can imagine quite easily given the state of the world, and there were low points on a more personal level as growing up is never easy, there were definitely a lot of high points, a lot of changes, and a lot of great experiences. And to focus on the positive, even as the negative works so hard to drag us down, here are some of my highlights of 2017:

New Places Visited: Switzerland, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, and many more places I got to visit again.

New Experiences: The Book of Mormon, Carnivale in Lucerne and Liechtenstein, Rutschenbanan (3rd oldest still running wooden roller coaster in world), blue hair, free run of an amusement park

Favourite Books Read: Good Omens (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman), The Wicked + The Divine (Kieron Gillon and Jamie McKelvie), Norse Mythology (Neil Gaiman), The Sumage Solution (Gail Carriger), just to name a few. I had a lot of lucky reads this year despite not reading that much.

Additionally I had the privilege of either visiting these places, experiencing these things, or even reading these books with some wonderful people. We had plenty of visitors or met up with friends and family in other places, got to start the year out in Vancouver with some old friends, and closed it out in Stockholm with some newer friends. Even with all the downs and lows, and even a few heartbreaking moments, I have been extremely lucky to have had these opportunities and to be living such an amazing life in Sweden. I am grateful for the people in my life, the new friends I made this past year and old alike, and grateful to those that were lost during the year for the mark they left on my life even while missing them dearly.

So while the year was full of some less than desirable things on the whole, as I am sure we can all attest to, there is a silver lining there somewhere. You just have to know where to look for it. And with that said, I bid farewell to 2017 and here’s to 2018, which will hopefully be full of wonder and adventure for us all.

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